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4.4 ( 2064 ratings )
Müzik Kitaplar
Geliştirici: Takuji Iimura

NovelSpeaker is application to read the shown novel which is "Lets become a novelist" aloud.
"listen" hears a novel when I do walking time and housework.
Because I cope with background reproduction, I can continue hearing a novel even when carrying out other activities with iPhone.

* quick play:

1. select "Search" tab
2. hit "search" button
3. select some novel
4. hit "download" button
5. select "Bookshelf" tab
6. hit novel column
7. select speech start point. (hold down text area)
8. hit "Speak" button

* background play

This application support background playing.
Check Control-Center and Lockscreen for background play.
But, background play lets a lot of batteries wear out.